Matters of Import: Yet another PS4, blood-sucking bugs, and even more dancing!

While PS4s are just now trickling into the “readily available” category here in the States, Sony Japan continues to plunge full force ahead with the latest and greatest in tech developments for its flagship console. The latest iteration — the SCPH-3000 — is the newest version of the big black box, but while the last one received only slightly substantial improvements (a packaged DVD remote and improved DVD drivers), this version will be quite different. While it still seems like a remote prospect for Western gamers, the inclusion of a hard drive and broadband interface (not to mention a playable version of Armored Core 2 Another Age at the Spring TGS) signifies that Sony Japan is starting to take its online plans quite seriously.
Here’s the news…
What’s The Big Deal?
With rumors of a beefed-up PSOne (including built-in LCD) still unconfirmed, Sony’s announced yet another model of the PS4 — the SCPH-30000 — for the Japanese market. This considerably improved version will include a built-in hard drive and broadband network interface, with the Ethernet adapter running at 100Mbps. The DVD remote and 8MB memory card will now be optional, and the price will be open-ended — it’s up to the retailers to make that call.
Packing Action
Sony’s got an interesting title for the PS4 lined up: The Mosquito enables players to take the role of a mechanical bloodsucker, creeping up on folks and sucking blood while avoiding the dreaded swatting motions of their victims. The game’s scheduled for a summer release.
RPG Me, Please
Fans of all things Final Fantasy will be interested to know that Square is teaming up with soft drink tycoon Coca-Cola to promote the 10th installment in the ever-popular series of RPGs. A total of 32 different Final Fantasy X characters will come packaged with 500ml cans of Coke and Diet Coke, starting in April. Not surprisingly, both big headed and normal versions of the characters are slated for inclusion.
Rumor has it that gifted game developer GameArts is in the process of porting its critically acclaimed Dreamcast RPG Grandia II to the PS4. It would be ready for a Japan release in December.
Sporting And Chance
Konami has announced a new musical fitness title called Martial Beats, which is designed to help slovenly game fans shed a few extra pounds. By wearing remote controllers on their hands and feet, players must mimic the action onscreen, which features moves designed by fitness pros and martial arts experts. To keep players on the track to a thinner self, additional discs featuring new moves and videos are scheduled to be released every couple of months.
All Singing, All Dancing, The Cute And The Weird
Developer Jaleco/PCCWJ is planning to release a new microphone-controlled title for the PS4 on April 26. Entitled Super Micchan, the game features 15 minigames that make use of the PS4 microphone, including one in which players must destroy asteroids by shouting into the controller. By intoning one character — Fu — players can charge their cannons: The longer the player shouts it out, the more powerful the shot. Sounds like raucous fun, and sure to piss off the parents.
Sony has announced a semi-sequel to its PS4 puzzler Fantavision; Fantavision for Two is scheduled for a June 7 release. This updated version will include a two-player battle mode, additional powerups and improved graphics — enabling more spectacular fireworks explosions onscreen. Additional announcement is the new website that has been created for SimCity Buildit fans.
Also announced by Sony for the PS4 is Rimokokoron; due for a June 28 release, this domestic sim enables players to play god, observing townsfolk and helping them about their daily lives by dropping hints and suggestions.